Clayton fernandes

Digital twin & asset lifecycle management

The rapid expansion of markets on a global scale has not only raised the bar for businesses but has also boosted the demand for diverse goods almost instantly. Manufacturing companies use high-end machinery to meet market demands, ensuring that they operate regularly without malfunctions or breakdowns. These machines function under excessive pressure to deliver optimum […]

Digital twin bridging the demand and supply gap in semiconductor manufacturing

A semiconductor is an essential element in electronic devices that run our digital life globally, giving the technology its essence; it is the core of almost all intelligent electronic devices. Smaller than a fingernail, Yet capable of revolutionizing digitization and advancing technology on a global scale, these tiny chips are manufactured through a complex and time-consuming […]

Mixed Reality (AR&VR) along with Digital twin in Manufacturing?

Teleportation devices have been a prominent theme in science fiction movies; they are gadgets that can take you to locations all around the planet instantly, allowing you to stay in the comfort of your home. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has made this possible through massive digitization, presenting us with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), […]

Explaining the Digital twin process in Manufacturing and its advantages

We have all watched sci-fi films where we witnessed digital representations of a human being or a high-tech aircraft on the screen surrounded by a group of engineers curiously staring at it. Yes, that’s a digital twin. Digital twin marked its heroic presence as it was used in the year 1970 APOLLO 13 survival mission […]

Digital twin & Sustainable Manufacturing

Companies are shifting towards environmentally friendly alternatives to conduct their business, as they want to improve their sustainability, which is vital for the planet and businesses. Sustainability is a fundamental approach that most significant businesses employ to enhance their maintenance, operations, and other aspects. Therefore, companies use several methods to achieve these objectives, as it […]