Evolution of chatbot

As realized, the majority of the youth population has grown up watching sci-fictional movies and series. We all know fictional characters have all the possible ways out of dealing with anything, but in the real world, all things don’t have an appropriate solution. Technology has rapidly enlarged and many people face challenges in coping with the leading generation. Getting along with the growing technology is a determining task. To match and walk shoulder to shoulder with sci-fi, many innovative breakthroughs came that fundamentally changed the dynamics. For example, the sci-fictional character Tony Stark developed “Just a rather very Intelligence System”. It is an intelligent as well as self-awareness bot that responds to Tony. Interconnected with worldwide information networks, it used holograms as an alliance to communicate with Tony and give him access to all the information which he needed. Inspired by this Sci-Fi AI character, Mark Zuckerberg created his own version of an intelligence System, a personal virtual assistant who assists and manages his home. Apple made its own version of the Intelligence system in the form of Siri, and google created google assistant, Rohit Prasad is the brain behind the creation of  Alexa. Siri and Alexa both assist and offer voice bots, voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control which seems time-saving and gets all the information that is required. Sci-fi has always been the encouraged mechanism behind all such innovations.

In today’s time, the more you dig, the more you will be aware of new information, and the collection of numerous pieces of information puts the situation in chaos. Sometimes only the relevant and needed statistics are required to complete the task or acknowledge anything. This resembles the innovation of conversational bots for the fast Q&A session, where all the needed information would be served with no overlapping answers. A business person or any other person dealing in customer service uses this bot technology to connect with customers, answer their queries and maintain a good customer satisfaction rate. These conversational bots, called chatbots have a long history of evolution. They have evolved from a basic text-based chat window to an advanced interactive conversational platform. In an attempt to stimulate response to simple commands by asking questions and giving certain responses based on a set of keywords, Joseph Weizenbaum constructed the first chatbot in 1966 which was named Eliza. Eliza is a computer program that emulates a Rogerian psychotherapist to use open-ended questions to encourage the patients to communicate more effectively with the therapist. However, it was the beginning of chatbots, and after this abundance of chatbots were launched in the second half of the 20th century that offer customer support. Rollo Carpenter originated a chat robot often known as a chatbot or chatterbot in 1988 named “Jabberwacky” the main goal behind his creation was to imitate the appearance of natural human conversation in an interesting, entertaining, and humorous manner. Jabberwacky is different, it learns and stores each piece of information conveyed and finds the most appropriate things to say using contextual pattern-matching techniques. As it was found it was not fitting for a business eye because it requires conversational flow, for eg: sentence generation from phrases within phrases, predictions, data extraction, etc for that reason they built Icogno Ltd a commercially-oriented parent company to Jabberwacky.

Furthermore, Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity(A.L.I.C.E) also referred to as an ALICE bot was introduced by Richard Wallace in 1995, he intended to bring a universal language processing that uses heuristic patterns to carry conversations. Alicebot delivers multi-language programming support and drafts all the answers according to the language chosen. It has a system to store various foreign languages. Alicebot is an open-source program that simulates chatting with a real person over the internet and if asked she speaks all other fascinating facts as well as responds to the user’s dialog. To carry on with the history of the chatbot, A company in china called Wechat created lots of advanced bots in the year 2009. Since its launch, it has not only won the hearts but also the unwavering loyalty of many people. As it is a social media platform, a platform where billions of people from around the world come together either to share or get opinions and ideas or to get quick fixes, it made it easy for marketers and employers to connect with people online through simple and technical bots built into it as it reduces time and instant solution provided. In present circumstances, Conversational bots are at a fast pace to connect with our internet and smartphone usage audience. The main reason behind the success of the chatbot is that they have the ability to enable resolution. They ensure that people get what they want without going through a long process or waiting on hold or browsing through the complicated phone tree. The usage of chatbots is only expanding, chatbots are being used for different purposes in different industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance manufacturing, travel & hospitality, retailing, etc. Thus, as you can see chatbots have come a long way and with every passage of years, it is only growing, transforming, upgrading, and assisting.